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Jan Drew

I can highly recommend Mo as a true professional who was extremely responsive despite time differences and kept us updated on progress daily

Milton McCoy

SYC is designed to help you track and optimize your campaignSplit testing is critical to the success of any campaign. SYC is flexible. You could compare the performance of a direct linked campaign with 3 separate landing pages. If you wanted to go further, you could test three separate offers with each variation of the landing page. Or as many as you choose. SYC automatically adds the next variable in to the loop and distributes your traffic evenly.Well that’s why SYC Lab is such value because it tracks every single variation, every single time in every single way. Each landing page and offer can be viewed with accurate breakdown of how your targets are performing on that particular variation.If there’s a part of your campaign that’s profitable, SYC will find it.Marketers should truly appreciate the importance of tracking, and tracking well.SYC is capable of tracking every last keyword/URL target in your campaign. It will track the targets individually PER variation of landing page (or direct linked if that’s your style).If you’re worried about wasting money on a target and receiving zero conversions, you can use SYC to set alerts that will inform you whenever a target receives what you consider to be a sensible number of views without registering a conversion.SYC's reporting PER HOUR on your campaigns. It’s possible to see the hours where you were profitable agains compared to those where you took a loss. This feature alone is fantastic. If day-parting isn’t enough for you, try week-parting instead.It’s possible to view your campaign performance by day tooSYC's reporting accuracy is amazing.I love this tracking software.